This is where I tell you more about me.



This is where I tell you more about me.

Three sentences just about sum me up.

I am a natural disruptor, content activist, digital native, idea and data visualization junkie, and completely geeky about marketing and technology. As often as I can, I spend time with my wife and two young boys. The rest of the time you can find me in my little cottage in the backyard where I work.

When you need to talk about yourself in the third person.

Ben Stroup is a content marketing, publishing, and business development strategist and solutions architect. (Maybe a shorter way to say that is Ben is the world's first Chief Broker of Opportunity.) He helps high-capacity leaders and organizations design, develop, and deploy fully integrated, sustainable growth models that result in leads, donors, revenue, and engagement.

Ben has the ability to come alongside your current staff and leadership and provide practical strategies and solutions that eliminate the gap between opportunity and impact. Take a few minutes to review case studies that document success and a proven track-record of results.

Ben has also written, edited, or collaborated on more than 35 books and eBook projects. Some of his latest book projects include Unconditional Love (B&H Publishing Group, 2012), Hope in Front of Me (with former American Idol finalist Danny Gokey, NavPress, 2013), and Awaken the Outlaw (Abingdon Press, 2015). 

Ben is a graduate of Belmont University (Nashville, Tenn.). He and his wife, Brooke, along with their two boys, Carter and Caden, live in the Middle Tennessee area.

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This is where others tell you about me.


This is where others tell you about me.

Some people said some very nice things.

“Working with Ben as a first-time author was a great experience! He took the time to really understood my vision for the book and brought it to life. The outcome exceeded my expectation.”

Danny Gokey | Author, BMG Recording Artist

“Ben is a skilled collaborator who spends just as much time preparing to write as he does with the actual writing. The result is a book fully in the author’s voice, with his/her words, passions, and objectives fully intact.”

Matt Baugher | Senior Vice President, Publisher, Thomas Nelson

"Ben was a great collaborator on one of our company's key book initiatives. His energy, enthusiasm, high output, attention to detail, and excellent communication skills kept the project on track and on deadline throughout the editorial process."

Allen Harris | Executive Director of Content Development, Ramsey Solutions

“I have worked with Ben on several important book projects. As an author and writing collaborator, he has demonstrated his ability to communicate to a wide audience with clarity and purpose.”

Mark Sweeney | Publishing Director, Leadership Network

“Ben has an amazing ability to listen, draw out your message, and put it in writing unlike anyone else I’ve ever met.”

Steve Caton | President, The Giving Crowd

“Ben did a wonderful job on a difficult assignment, finishing the project in the short time given and delivering a professionally edited manuscript. I would certainly use him again in the future.”

Ryan Pazdur | Acquisitions Editor, Zondervan

“Ben has proven himself when it comes to writing. His strategic and problem-solving skills combined with writing competencies and creative gifts make working with him a welcome endeavor.”

Lil Copan | Senior Acquisitions Editor, Eerdmans

“I view Ben as a valuable part of my team. Through collaborative conversations, he helps me put into writing many of the key principles and strategies I’m using to train and equip church leaders across the country.”

Tony Morgan | Strategist, Consultant, and Founder, The Unstuck Group

"Ben is a true professional. He is one of the most organized people I’ve worked with and a great thinker.”

Rebekah Guzzman | Acquisitions Editor, Baker Books

“Ben is an amazing writer, editor, and author. He is very detailed in his work, very creative and knowledgeable, but overall extremely reliable and trustworthy.”

Dawn Woods | Acquisitions Editor, Abingdon Press

“Ben is a master of his craft who pours his whole soul into the work he does. His true genius came out right from the start. Ben is a brilliant young man and a gifted leader in his field.”

Dr. Kent Ingle | President, Southeastern University


Getting Started

You're busy. So I tried to make it as easy as possible for you to take the next step.

Getting Started

You're busy. So I tried to make it as easy as possible for you to take the next step.

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