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Ben Stroup is Chief Growth Architect and President at Velocity Strategy Solutions, a next-generation business strategy and management consulting firm dedicated to empowering visionary leaders by aligning teams, simplifying technology, eliminating complexity, and driving revenue.With a rich background spanning over two decades serving various sectors such as technology, financial services, manufacturing, higher education, healthcare, consulting, and nonprofits, Ben is recognized as a forward-thinking innovator excelling in change management, digital transformation, and data-driven decision-making.

More About Ben

Ben's written and edited dozens of books on leadership and growth and is a frequent speaker and guest expert for podcasts, industry events, and business groups. His most recent books include Master the Pivot, Effective Project Leadership, and Leading Teams With Confidence.Ben is an MBA candidate at Eastern University, holds an undergraduate degree from Belmont University, and is certified in Lean Six Sigma (Black Belt), Outcomes and Key Results (OKRs) for Leadership and Goal Setting, Project Management (PMP), Scrum (CSM), and The Predictive Index. He is a partner with leading technology platforms such as Microsoft, Fivetran, and HubSpot, an executive sponsor for Tableau, and an accredited speaker with Vistage International. Ben, his wife, and two boys live in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ben Stroup

What Can You Expect?

A Trusted Confidant

You need an objective, unbiased perspective to help you evaluate your situation without being clouded by standard operations and company politics.

A Constant Learner

You need the unfair advantage that comes from working with someone who has an insatiable appetite for synthesizing details and uncovering new insights.

A Challenging Collaborator

You need someone who believes your success is too important to avoid crucial conversations and leave the tough questions on the table.

An Inspiring Team Builder

You need the confidence that comes with knowing you have the right people working on the right projects and driving toward the right outcomes.

A Strategist Who Gets in the Weeds and Sees the Big Picture

You need someone to help you eliminate blind spots and uncover gaps before they prevent you from achieving what you know is possible.

A Leader Relentlessly Committed to Your Success

You need a champion to work with you who isn't afraid to stare failure in the face—even if it bites back—because he knows your success is on the other side.

An Experienced Executive Who Gets It Done

You need someone with a proven track record who understands how to create playbooks that produce systematic and predictable growth supported by technology and data.

Results That Matter

  • Grew department revenue to the largest annual revenue in company history ($28M or ~15% of total company revenue) by using analytical models to identify more productive strategies.

  • Successfully led field team to 14 million-dollar-plus territories in one fiscal year—more than at any other time in company history.

  • Created 368 new qualifying accounts for the highest value portfolio segment within a 12-month period by redirecting unproductive operating expenses to build a stronger lead generation engine.

  • Resolved lifecycle stagnation for two portfolio segments that, combined, represented ~54% of total operating revenue through consistent increases in new leads, prospects, conversions, and retention.

  • Delivered on a million-dollar digitally centric prospect campaign that returned a 10x ROI within seven months of launch, two months early, and 40% under budget.

  • Finalized acquisition of marketing automation software company that netted a multi-million dollar increase in corporate valuation.

  • Integrated analytics and technology products into key market segments to achieve synergy and created the first-ever technology-enabled monthly recurring revenue stream in less than 12 months.

  • Redesigned the role of database marketing and lead management which resulted in greater clarity and definition of the buyer's journey, a reduction in the number of days a lead is on file before conversion, and, ultimately, new processes and technologies to nurture leads and existing clients toward upgrades and renewals.

  • Rebuilt the marketing team from the ground up, hired new team members, and put in place an effective, measurable inbound marketing engine that reduced overall marketing costs, improved productivity, and produced more efficient and productive business development processes.

  • Improved brand clarity through company-wide branding initiatives. The impact was a 20% increase in top-of-the-funnel activity.

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Ben Stroup

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  • Works with CEO and Executive Team to develop and execute strategic business plans, operational goals, and performance metrics.

  • Works in collaboration with all departments to leverage the total capabilities of the company through strategy and flawless execution.

  • Utilizes data analytics and data visualization to establish models that inform strategy and provide a measurement and management framework that results in desired outcomes.

  • Strong experience in all aspects of growth strategies and business planning.


  • Establishes the strategy, goals, and tactics necessary to achieve aggressive growth targets within existing and new markets.

  • Maximizes team performance through consistent and effective coaching and feedback; provides professional development experiences for all associates.

  • Identifies opportunities for new offerings and pursues viable options to fruition.

  • Monitors competitive activity to develop strategic methods of attaining new accounts.


  • Develops a strong operational infrastructure and continually evaluates processes and procedures for improvement.

  • Translates organizational direction into clear expectations and manages performance through defined metrics and coaching.

  • Develops strategies and leads the execution of specific action plans to promote and adopt operational changes required to move in new directions.

  • Focuses on the people side of change, including processes, technology, and structures.


  • Decreases operating expenses by organizing resources, reviewing all vendor contracts, and streamlining operating processes and systems.

  • Minimizes financial “surprises” and improves financial performance by enhancing reporting and implementing internal controls and in-depth analytics.

  • Identifies gaps that ultimately have a negative impact on financial outcomes.

  • Creates systems to plan, project, and analyze for increasing profit and cash flow.


“Ben Stroup is an innovative thinker, results-driven growth consultant, and a pioneer in the Inbound Revolution. He understands revenue operations, inbound marketing, and the modern sales process, emphasizing productivity and effectiveness. Ben can help business leaders maximize their marketplace opportunity and plan initiatives that will get bottom-line profit in measurable, repeatable, and scalable ways.”

Dan Tyre

Executive, HubSpot

“Ben is not only the most knowledgeable in the room but also knows how to apply it effectively. Rarely do you see someone with the ability to consume vast amounts of information and quickly sort it into an effective strategy. He will always demand the best results from any project.”

Grant Reynolds

Owner, Symmetry Financial Group

“Ben is very knowledgeable about business in general and has extensive experience in strategy, marketing, metrics, and process management. Knowing is important, but knowing and being able to articulate it so that it is understandable by everyone is priceless.”

Jeff Hook

VP, One Network Enterprises

“Ben Stroup has an unmatched ability to absorb vast amounts of data and turn it into insightful, actionable strategy that moves business forward. He also successfully straddles the worlds of data analytics and creative messaging to help improve organizational effectiveness.”

Andrew Olsen

EVP, DickersonBakker

“Ben is a brilliant strategic and thought leader. He has an amazing track record of being a successful practitioner with remarkable results leading teams and organizations to over-achieve their goals.”

Stan Reiff

Partner, CapinCrouse

“Ben has a unique ability to research, analyze, then develop engaging strategies that produce results! I have seen him in action in various settings and always have been impressed with his work.”

Wayne Elsey

Founder, Entrepreneur, and Author

“Ben is outstanding, hardworking, and has an impeccable work ethic. Ben is an excellent leader and, more so, an incredible person. His thoughts and guidance on any issue are remarkable.”

David Abadie

US Chief of Staff, Tikvah Israel


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