Content Marketing drives the inbound marketing revolution. You no longer find people and opportunities. Rather, people and opportunities find you. Content Marketing is most commonly practiced when people and organizations offer valuable content that helps people solve a problem, learn a process, or gain new insight into a complex issue. The generous sharing of knowledge and perspective builds trust with your audience and creates opportunity for lead generation, cultivation, and conversion. Content Marketing includes eBooks, direct marketing copy, advertising copy, formal reports, white papers, case studies, blog posts, and social media updates.

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Brand Journalism is an emerging term that describes the blend between marketing and journalism. The line between these two disciplines has never been more blurred than it is today. People want to hear from the brands they believe in, but they don’t want to feel like they are being pitched to for the purpose of making a sale. The goal of brand journalism is to create a voice which helps brands communicate effectively while serving as an advocate and protector of the public trust. Done well, brand journalism leverages the reach of traditional and electronic media to build influence, improve SEO search results, and spread ideas using objective mediums.

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People with a platform and a message often feel the pressure to create written content but often don’t have the time or capacity to get their thoughts on paper. As people and organizations feel the pressure to publish, the most difficult obstacle to overcome is the time it takes to write and edit. To solve this problem, people and organizations often choose to work with a collaborator who helps them polish what they’ve already written, construct their ideas using transcripts or notes, or even create something from a scratch. Publishers often hire developmental editors to collaborate with authors on book and marketing projects. The surge in self-publishing has greatly expanded the demand for ghostwriters and collaborators, too.

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